Saturday, 2 July 2016


Ladies and Gentleman your attendance is mandatory...

Doomlines is what brought Holy Spider Promotions into existence last year - we threw it together at the last minute and it stuck. But this year we've had more time to plan and put the lineup together, so come and celebrate Holy Spider's 1st birthday and get down to a hand-picked selection of the slowest/dirtiest/straight-up heaviest underground UK bands. It's part of Sheffield's city-wide Tramlines music festival, and this year it will be held at the Yorkshireman Rock Bar.

† 10 bands from 2-11pm on the Saturday of Tramlines
† Wristbanded event so come and go as many times as you like - £6 OTD
† Under 18s allowed during the day if accompanied by an adult
† Plenty of merch and ale to spend your money on too

Possibly the most stoned-out band you will ever hear. Their music is the very definition of a bad trip. Featuring Adam Richardson of Ramesses.

Boss Keloid
Wigan's kings of sludge who just released the monstrous, Herb Your Enthusiasm on Black Bow Records.

This will be the Steel City sludge trio's only show over the weekend so come and get an aural mauling; "shudderingly heavy"...

Sheffield doom/post-metal heroes. Huge riffs, battle drums, songs about swords, beards galore.

Iced Out
A 50/50 mix of cryptic sludge and straight ahead hardcore makes for an absolutely crushing sound in the hands of these guys from Durham. Glad to have them back after their Holy Spider show in August last year.

One of the most creative bands we've come across yet, seriously! They're like the best bits of Melvins, Swans and Mr. Bungle all in one. Stockport's finest.

Formed after the breakup of Poison Dwarf and based in Huddersfield, this sludge trio write songs about cosmic annihilation. They put out a split with Nomad last year and we caught them when they played with Samothrace in Manchester recently. Impressive stuff.

Grim grind/black/doom/everything 2-piece from Nottingham.

A new band who've emerged from the burgeoning Sheffield doom scene. These guys are yet to play their first show but what we've heard is brooding, droning, dark, post-metal/doom goodness...

First show for another brand new doom/drone duo out of Sheffield. Featuring George from Kurokuma on drums.

Contact Joe of Holy Spider Promotions at for more info and guestlist. The doom documentary guys ( will also be there filming and grabbing interviews.