Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Sheer Attack are a new band from Liverpool With a line up featuring local Psych monsters Mind Mountain's Bassist Marc Glaysher (Along with Russ on Vox, Broomo on Guitar and Dave on Drums) Marc has also put on some BLISTERING bands in Liverpool including Lecherous Gaze and Dirty Fences! Sheer Attack have been causing quite a stir in the NXNW with some apparently blistering live shows I went down to Liverpool to see them with The Flex, Denim & Leather & Bad Meds I got there 10 mins before the show started and Sheer Attack were opening and it was already sold out! No mean feat for a local band with no music out yet however I stayed in the bar where i could clearly hear them and I was really impressed!!

These guys are about to drop their debut EP and Marc was kind enough to give me a listen for this review and from the second i hit play I was immediately blown away for a band not yet a year into it these guys are on fuckin' fire this is all guns blazin' balls out hardcore rock 'n' roll! Taking a template that is filthy 80's Venice Beach hardcore adding a touch of Motorhead a pinch of Thin Lizzy and the raw chops of classic garage like The Stooges and MC5 and your just about there! you can tell instantly that they are driven by a love of dirty riffing and the case seems to be that these boys HAD to do this not just because they wanted to and there's no arguing with how shredding the music is!

With 4 songs clocking in at 10 minutes this is a perfect 7" EP the sound would fall nicely in line with the current so called "New Rock 'n'Roll" (fucking media terminology when did Rock 'N' Roll ever go away??!!)  and i could easily see these guys on a bill with The Shrine or Hot Lunch as equally as they would fit on a bill with BL'AST! or Suicidal Tendencies (in 1982) The playing is tight and the songs are memorable without losing their gnarly edge they are just brimming with energy and aggression but not in a macho muscle flexing way more of a middle finger, beer in hand skateboard in the other aggression! There's loads of great Mid-era Black Flag type guitar and bass runs and they manage to have a good bottom end without being "heavy" that's no surprise with Marc on bass tho if you know him you know! The vocals are just spot on having enough belligerence to match the energy of the music and enough melody to not just be shouting and the frenetic and awesome drumming holding the whole thing together!

I can't express my sheer glee at hearing this EP the world needs more music like this i can't even pick a favourite from it or single a particular one of the 4 for praise cos they are ALL great I love the gang vocals On "Black Lagoon" and that creepy SST sounding opening to "Public Service Offender" breaking into that running riff and it just KICKS off in the middle and makes me grind my teeth and want to get in the pit even if it would literally kill me now is just fucking great! These guys play well together and they are obviously well versed in Old School influences going back through the 70's/80's and beyond but bringing it crashing and smashing into the present i also know at least one of them skates and that's what this EP  reeks of grinding kerbs,drinking beer, graffitti ridden skateparks,venues with sticky floors ,battered amps and volume!

I am not even joking when i say i have lost count of how many times i have played this EP since yesterday I only stopped to listen to the Boss Keloid album so i could review it properly!!! You owe it to yourself to get out and check these guys out live and hopefully by the time of their upcoming shows they should have this EP on vinyl for sale I would get it if i were you it's just great!

These guys love to play live they have a show on March the 30th at Temple Of Boom Leeds opening for Poison Idea (Also playing are The Flex & Denim & Leather that will be a BLINDER More Info - HERE) and they play the Mayday Mayhem event again at the Temple Of Boom in Leeds (get more info - HERE) however they do play a few local (Liverpool Shows) and other areas round the NXNW so go give them a like on facebook and keep up to date with shows there and I'm sure the EP will be for sale there soon.

Sheer Attack FacebookHERE

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